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NLP or Neuro Linguistic Programming
Looks at the relationship between our thinking (Neuro), our language (Linguistic) and our behaviour (programming). By using a collection of tools and techniques involving these three key areas changes can be made. One of the important principle that NLP is built on is "The map is not the territory" ie we all have an individual model of the world, as we have all had differing experiences, all see things slightly different and can only ever put our interpretation out there. The second presupposition is that we are complex and both inter and intradependent as humans.

EFT Emotional Freedom Technique
This technique is much newer than NLP and is an energy technique using meridian points on the body used in Acupuncture but without the needles. It is based on the principle that the cause of every negative emotion is a imbalance of the bodies energy system, so if we re-balance the bodies energy system we get rid of the associated negative emotion. This is done by tapping with your fingers on various part of the body (It is not intrusive). This system is very simple, however often has fantastic results.


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