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Stop Smoking Hypnotherapy. GHR stop smoking

Stop Smoking & Vaping Hypnotherapy in Reading and surrounding areas

Stopping smoking is one of the best things you can do for your health Whether you want to stop smoking cigarettes, stop smoking cigars or stop vaping. However, I am aware from the hundreds of clients that I have successfully helped to stop over the last 16 years, that prior to coming to see me, they had tried patches, gums, nasal sprays or tablets or courses such as Allen Carr's Easyway or even seen another smoking cessation hypnotherapist all to no avail. Of course these methods will help some but nothing beats working with a qualified stop smoking hypnotherapist like myself.

So what happens in a session
The session is personal to you, as the reasons you started to smoke where probably different from the reasons that made me start. Likewise the reasons that made me stop may also be different from the reasons that will make you stop now.
All sessions are between 75 - 100 minutes even though I use Valarie Austins stop smoking in an hour method. I have found with the additional specialist stop smoking training and through experience that the more difficult part is to give my clients strategies to deal with the issues that life throws up from time to time. Imagine that stopping smoking is like cutting your grass. If you do not pull the weeds up (smoking habit) from the roots, they will only grow back so this has to be covered.

So once the form filling is out the way, we first eradicate the weeds (the smoking habit) like a good weed killer would getting down to the roots.
Then have the main hypnotherapy session then finish off with how to deal with any fresh weeds. Should someone drop them on you.
By following this method we are happy to offer a six month guarantee*. So would you like to stop for a few weeks or stop for good?

* If you smoke during the first 6 months please just contact us immediately and we will get you in for a top up session.


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